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Systemes & Controles Proneq
2144, Marie-Victorin Blvd
Longueuil (Québec)
Canada, J4G 1A9

Téléphone : (450) 449-2524
Télécopieur : (450) 449-2526
Courriel : info@proneq.com

We are very proud to present you our company. While surveying the site, you will see that the services and products offered are complete. Those have only one goal: to help you remain the best !!!

Proneq is based on their clients and employees respect and on the quality of its service.

Our life’s experience convinced us to have a different approach...

  1. For the clients
  2. For the staff
  3. For the shareholders.

The enterprise mission reflects this very well indeed.

The clients that we are looking for, are the ones who want a tight relationship with their supplier. A supplier that brings them solutions, who remove the load from their shoulders and with whom they feel safe. Clients who look for quality, service and price.

A client who gets in here sees the quality of the work, and the willingness to improve his productivity by supplying him with the equipment, that will increase his competitivity on the market !

The workers that we are looking for, have to be highly qualified and like to live in a business with little administrative structure. They sure have to respect the company standards, but beyond that, they have all the latitude to develop themselves in their job. Those who are looking for team spirit, autonomy, a continuous formation and well-done work are the ideal candidates.

The rigorous business management permits it to be healthy, without looking to anybody else with envy, but rather, to look in the future with all the optimism that we can dream about! Our suppliers, with whom we work closely, permit us to offer a high quality product at a competitive price.

So, take a look, and if you aim at excellence like we do, contact us! You have to be surrounded by partners with the same objective:

Work in harmony marching towards excellence !!!

The management